Thursday, February 01, 2007

A third way?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
How many considered themselves liberal Christians? A smattering of hands and a few cheers. Conservative? Louder claps and hoots. Then he asked: "How many of you wish there could be a third alternative?"

The room erupted with cheers. The host then introduced McLaren as a fellow pilgrim in search of the third alternative.
The nondenominational evangelist —- labeled a "sage" for "emergent church," a growing theological movement aimed at a new generation —- was surprised by the response but says he understands it now.

"One of the reasons they cheered is their sense that the polarization between conservative and liberal, evangelical and mainline, left and right has gotten so extreme, it seems like a cartoon," he says. "People have this sense that we've lost our balance."
My emphasis. Link provided by titusonenine. Are they expressing a desire to be centrists?

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