Saturday, February 24, 2007

Separate, with mercy :: Timothy Fountain

Timothy Fountain writes:
The Episcopal Church is divided between people who don’t perceive, speak or handle reality the same way. The only choices (barring unexpectedly large numbers of changed minds and hearts) are coercion or separation. And Jesus always walks on (or lets others walk on). He does not force anyone to travel the Way.

It is time for what is now the Episcopal Church to separate with mercy.
I think that the HOB and the General Convention and any of the other incoherent (Episcopal Church Foundation’s word, not mine) TEC management entities need to have just one resolution before them:
Whereas The Episcopal Church is divided between those who advocate traditional Biblical and theological formularies and those who advocate a new thing of the Spirit;

And whereas these movements are irreconcilably divided as to basic assumptions about Christology, Biblical interpretation, church polity, Anglican identity and many other issues to the point of each side seeing the other as a “blind guide;”

Be it therefore resolved that the movements separate without penalty to dioceses or congregations joining either one, until such time as God’s gracious intervention allows reunification of the body of Christ.
Yeah, I know. “It raises many questions.”
Among the questions it raises: How will the separation occur at the parish level?

Still, I believe all parties should give Timothy's suggestion serious consideration.

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