Thursday, February 08, 2007

CANA Installation Ceremony

Falls Church News-Press reports:
Clergy representing the 11 churches in Virginia that voted in December to depart the Episcopalian Church gathered for an extraordinary convocation at the historic chapel of the Falls Church Episcopal in downtown Falls Church last Saturday.
All had been placed under “ecclesiastical censure” by the Episcopal Bishop of Virginia Peter James Lee last month, a step toward defrocking if they don’t recant their role in their churches’ defections.

But they were all granted formal status Saturday under the auspices of the recently-formed Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), the association linked to the Anglican Bishop of Nigeria, at a standing-room-only ceremony at the F.C. chapel.
By contrast, across the street on Sunday morning, the service of those calling themselves “the continuing congregation” of the Falls Church Episcopal, namely those members who did not chose to defect, almost doubled in size from the previous week.
Meanwhile, the News-Press has learned that at least one of the clergymen at the F.C. Episcopal censured by Bishop Lee last month has approached the bishop about wishing to maintain his status in the Episcopal diocese. Also, the church’s directors of music and worship, Marv and Alice Crawford, have resigned from the CANA church to move to Colorado.

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