Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Contrarian thought continues

The consequences:
We acknowledge that in the most extreme circumstances, where member churches choose not to fulfil the substance of the covenant as understood by the Councils of the Instruments of Communion, we will consider that such churches will have relinquished for themselves the force and meaning of the covenant’s purpose, and a process of restoration and renewal will be required to re-establish their covenant relationship with other member churches.

- from the Draft Covenant
I fail to see

1. A definition of "extreme circumstances" except that we will know it when we see it (for me, the Communique also does not spell circumstances).

2. A plain statement of who will make such a finding - but if it by the common mind of all the Instruments of Communion that will so be ponderous as to be (happily) ineffectual.

3. What the consequences of such a finding would be - e.g., would it be second-class membership?

But my thoughts of late have been contrarian. Perhaps I just don't know how to read recipes for Anglican Fudge.

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