Monday, February 12, 2007

Episcopal Church goes to court in Virginia to retain parishes' property :: ENS

Episcopal News Service reports:
The complaint names the parishes as defendants "because their real and personal property and affairs are currently under the de facto control of individuals who claim the right to sever the link between the parties and the Diocese and the Episcopal Church, to divert the parishes' real and personal property for their own use in affiliation with another denomination outside the United States, and to exclude the parishes' faithful Episcopalian members for use and control of that property."

The clergy and vestry, or vestry committee members in the case of the two missions, are named because they "have left the Episcopal Church, yet continue to exercise control over the real and personal property" of the congregation.
Read all the ENS report here.

The complaint (via StandFirm) is here (pdf).

Press release from The Falls Church and Truro.

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