Friday, February 16, 2007

Conservative to put forward plan for "parallel church in US" :: BBC

As predicted....

Despite the report finding in the Episcopal Church's favour, there is scope for further division at the Tanzania meeting, our correspondent says.

Conservative archbishops were due to put forward their plan for a parallel church in the US, under its own bishop, to cater for traditionalists who have broken away from the Episcopal Church.

Such an organisation could attract disgruntled traditionalists from other sections of the Anglican Church outside the US, and could eventually rival the main Church, our correspondent says.
Conservatives may have written off hope of restoring the American and Canadian churches to their vision of Anglicanism. The precedent of a parallel church in North American would have the additional effect of either (1) disciplining liberals in the Church of England, or (2) leading to the division of the Church of England.

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