Wednesday, February 14, 2007

UK newspaper roundup : 14 Feb 07

The daily episcopalian has captured what the British press has to say today on the Anglican Communion here.

- Jonathan Petre (The Telegraph) here

- Stephen Bates (The Guardian) here and here:
Sunning herself by the hotel swimming pool, Angela Minns, wife of Martyn Minns, the British-born conservative evangelical vicar of a parish in Virginia, who has just been made a bishop of the Nigerian church by Akinola to minister to conservative American Episcopalians, said to me: "Akinola is a wonderful man." Several times spurned for a bishopric in the US before throwing his lot in with Nigeria, her husband has been constantly by the archbishop's side this week. An influential figure, he is advising Akinola as to what moves to make.
- Ruth Gledhill (The Times) here (opinion) and here

- Jonathan Petre blogging here: "The wildlife in my hotel in Tanzania, where I am covering a critical Anglican Church summit, is proving unexpectedly exotic. First there were sightings of rat-like creatures scurrying along the roof beams of the open-sided, thatched restaurant on the beach. Then I was forced to leave my room in a hurry after a cleaner spotted a snake slithering under my door. My room was thoroughly searched by a team of men with long sticks, who found nothing. Nevertheless, having been told by an ex-pat businessman that all except one of the local species of snake was venomous, I expeditiously moved to another room. Now there is a new creature on the premises, often resplendent in colourful finery: the Anglican primate. They are generally shy and retiring, preferring to gather together in dark corners; approached by members of the press, some scuttle away while others look furtive."

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