Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Canadian take :: Toronto Globe and Mail

The Anglican Church of Canada will decide nationally on blessing same-sex unions at its general assembly, or synod, in June. A majority of its priests and bishops will likely approve.

The five-day Tanzanian meeting is formally an assembly of the communion's primates, or senior archbishops of each province.

But Archbishop Williams also invited two conservative bishops of the Episcopal Church to attend -- a move that elicited a scorching letter from the Canadian primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchinson -- thus implying there are not one but two branches of Anglicanism in the United States, although only seven of the 100-plus Episcopal dioceses have indicated they want to pull away from the main church.

The Global South has been pushing for a "two-church solution" in the United States that would become a model for every Anglican province such as Canada that has a liberal majority and a conservative minority.
Somewhere along the line I missed this scorching letter and could not find it just now.

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