Monday, February 12, 2007

Canada could play a key role as divided Anglican bishops meet :: Toronto Star

A "key role"? Somehow I doubt it. About all I can say is that Canadian Anglicans are not Akinola's target this time around only because they are small compared to the Americans (The Episcopal Church).

Some quotes:
"Africa is finding its feet and realizing that numerically they are now the majority of Anglicans," Canadian primate Andrew Hutchison, who left yesterday for the meeting, told the Star. "They want to be heard." Conservatives have taken on new strength in the church as membership dwindles in developed countries but grows in Third World diocese such as Africa, Hutchison says.
Canada will have a key role to play at the meeting of 38 Anglican bishops in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, this week, acting as a mediator between the rival groups, Hutchison says. "In a fairly highly charged discussion, Canada has much to contribute," he says, adding the Canadian experience of debating issues across diverse backgrounds could help others. "We've learned how to listen to each other, and we've learned how to talk to each other."
The Canadian Anglican Church itself is struggling with many of the issues to be faced this week in Tanzania. Most divisive is the question of gay marriage, which is not officially recognized by the church in this country. That could change, however, after Canadian Anglicans hold their general meeting, this June in Winnipeg, where the question of gay marriage is scheduled to be settled.

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