Monday, February 19, 2007

Quote of the day: paigeb

This saddens me---it would have been a perfect chance to show that WE will not use communion, or even everyday fellowship, as weapons. What a witness it would have been to take communion from the hands of Bishop Akrofi, and then tell him after the service that you were a supporter of TEC's policies!! I totally understand the diocesan reaction, but I think it was ill-considered and shows the same lack of Christian love and forebearance shown by those who abstained in Tanzania. Sigh.
I do not understand the action of the diocese, the Bishop of Maryland. For one thing it is bad timing strategically -- although it does show a healthy honesty if you were going to do rescind the invitation anyway.

Was the bishop fearful that his diocese would embarass him by refusing communion from Bishop Akrofi, and make communion about them rather about God? I would hope his lack of faith in his people is misplaced. If they are that small let's get it out in the open so we can all begin a healthy examination of our own shortcomings.

Arguments about broken communion don't wash with me. God is bigger than that.

Hear also what Father Jake has to say.

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