Monday, February 26, 2007

We believe

*We believe that sex is a gift of God.
*We believe that sexuality is morally neutral, that it can be lived out with beauty, honor, holiness, and integrity and that it is capable of being lived out destructively.
*We believe that wherever sexuality is lived out destructively this church must witness to its negativity. We oppose all forms of promiscuous sex, predatory sex, sex that does not honor one's partner or that does not hold that partner in commitment and love.
*We believe that marriage is to be held in honor and that marriage represents that highest form of human commitment. We believe that through marriage we are called to holiness.
*We believe that celibacy is an honorable vocation for some of God's people and that those who have chosen to live in celibacy for whatever reason have gifts to give that will enrich both the church and the social order.
*Thus, we also believe that the ordained ranks of the church are open to all baptized Christians and that through our regular screening process we will determine who is both called and qualified. We pledge ourselves to ordain only those persons whom the testing and screening process reveals to be wholesome examples to the flock of Christ.

This is an epitome. An unabridged version here.

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