Friday, February 09, 2007

Deep pockets of the Episcopal Church revealed

The Guardian:
YouTube millionaires: from wealthy backers to receptionist
A filing with American regulators revealed a detailed breakdown of the deal for the first time including a list of early YouTube investors who made millions when Google bought the phenomenally popular site for $1.76bn in October.
In a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the machinations of San Francisco's venture capital world, the SEC filing has a list of Sequoia clients who benefited - many of which are universities and charitable trusts.

It reveals that the investment arm of Oxford University put up some of the money for YouTube - and was rewarded with 3,402 Google shares worth $1.6m. American colleges making similar gains included Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The pension fund of America's Episcopal church netted $18.9m, the philanthropic J Paul Getty Trust ended up with $1.7m of shares and the San Francisco Symphony orchestra earned itself $795,000 through the takeover.
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