Sunday, February 18, 2007

An exact description of the state of the Anglican Communion

Jim Naughton nails it:
It is a commentary on the state of the Communion that on this day, when the Primates focused some of their attention on the essential work of the Church--theological education, caring for the poor--people are saying that "not much happened."

That isn't quite the case. Here's ENS's story on the day's proceedings. And here's another one from Matthew Davies which points out that contrary to the wishes of Peter and the Akinolytes, the Episcopal Church continues to do important work in Africa.
Read it all. Jim highlights a revealing give and take in the news conference for the day involving Chris Sugden.

At responsible conservative websites like titusonenine few commenters rail about the diversion of spending a day on poverty, more criticize the UN as a partner (I share most of their concerns), and others contribute comments on the other ways in which their parish or diocese has been active in dealing with poverty locally and globally). But mostly few comment at all compared the diseconomy of words on the topic of TEC and Windsor yadda yadda.

The same could be said of liberal blogs. And mine. Well, not this one.

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