Sunday, February 04, 2007

Certificates of Inequality to be issued :: wfrv

A county clerk in Yolo County, Calif., is firing back at the system that forces her to deny gay couples the right to marry.
In protest of California law, Freddie is giving out her own certificate, it's called a Certificate of Inequality, a sarcastic slap in the face on California's ban on gay marriage.

"What it essentially says -- the law says you can't get married. But I, Freddie Oakley, say 'that's too bad'," said Freddie.

Only Freddie is not gay. She's been married for 37 years to the same man, has two kids and is an Evangelical Christian.
And while she is an elected official, she's not concerned about re-election, she's just standing up for what she believes in.
She insists that no tax money goes towards these certificates. She prints them at home from her computer. And the few that ask her to mail them one, she says she will pay for postage herself.

Her colleagues aren't saying anything so far about the certificates; that could just be because she's their boss.

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