Sunday, February 04, 2007

Episcopalians "irresponsible": Carey

Retired Archbishop Carey, in a Regina Leader-Post interview, calls Episcopalians, liberal and conservative, irresponsible:

1. "I do think, though, that by and large the American church has been irresponsible with regard to this because the appointment of (openly gay New Hampshire Bishop) Gene Robinson has created ... division. It wrecked mission in the church. It's decimated congregations ..."

2. "I'm retired now, and all I can do is to urge you [conservatives in TEC] to stay in the church as long as you possibly can. Don't leave. Wait till you're thrown out. Because it's your church. You haven't changed the doctrine at all. It's other people who are doing that. So stay there. [...] Now, they could be right [to leave]. They might be wrong. And so, who knows? All I say is that it's irresponsible to do as quickly as this.

Carey might be thinking of the confirmations he performed at Truro and The Fall Church when those churches refused visits by Bishop Lee.

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