Friday, January 19, 2007

Tutu on African Anglican priorities

(Cape Town, South Africa) Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Friday accused African Anglican leaders of ignoring the plight of millions of people on the continent by wasting time attacking gays.

"I am deeply disturbed that in the face of some of the most horrendous problems facing Africa, we concentrate on 'what do I do in bed with whom'," the South African Nobel Laureate Tutu told a news conference in Nairobi.
. . .
"For one to penalize someone for their sexual orientation is the same as penalizing someone for something they can do nothing about, like ethnicity or race. I cannot imagine persecuting a minority group which is already being persecuted," Tutu said Friday.

Tutu, retired Archbishop of Cape Town, is in Kenya to attend the World Social Forum.

He said that African clergy should be concentrating on poverty and HIV/AIDS.

"The God I worship would not consider that [gay priests] to be a priority concern."'

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