Monday, January 08, 2007

ECUSA serves papers in Central New York case

Link at the blog "Transfigurations." Extract:
Contact: Raymond J. Dague

Lawyers for The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church (often abbreviated ECUSA) served legal papers last Friday morning asking a state supreme court judge to allow them to intervene in an ongoing lawsuit seeking to seize St. Andrews Church in Syracuse, New York. ...
. . .
“With more parishes leaving the Episcopal Church, it is widely expected by legal experts on both sides that ECUSA will be filing more lawsuits like this one,” said Raymond Dague, the attorney for St. Andrews. “I expect that they will be no more successful here than they were in the California litigation. Still, this is all very sad, because it reveals how mean-spirited the folks on the other side of this issue can be. This is a long way from how a church should behave.” . . .

Transfigurations is written by Pat Dague. Raymond Dague is a New York attorney and an assistant chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

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