Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shouldn't our energy be directed towards the poor?

Who said it?

Statement A:
"In a world facing 40 million people dying of AIDS and an increasing gap between rich and poor, this seems like a waste of our time and energy, debating the rightness and wrongness of gay and lesbian people and their relationships."
Statement B:
"The average Anglican (45 million in the Global South, 5 million attenders in the Anglo-world) is under thirty, female, lives on two dollars a day, has three children, walks three kilometres for water a day, is related to someone with HIV/Aids and is evangelical."

Hint: Neither is Bishop Tutu.


Bonus: See this article on Horace Griffins.
In publishing a book comparing the condemnation of homosexuality in some African-American churches to the racism directed at blacks during slavery and segregation, the Rev. Horace Griffin expected criticism.

The book, titled Their Own Receive Them Not, is "slime," one gospel radio show call-in listener told Griffin, who is gay, African-American and an Episcopal priest. Another caller compared homosexuals to dogs.

Griffin — a former Vanderbilt religion Ph.D. student who drew on his experiences in Nashville black churches for the book — said he hopes the newly released book leads to conversation about a subject that is not often openly discussed in African-American churches.

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