Monday, January 15, 2007

Bishop Marshall on the ABC

Bishop Paul Marshall (Episcopal Diocese of Bethelehem (PA)) has written a letter on the Archbishop of Canterbury "in the very limited sense of his functioning toward our house and to some extent our Church."

The dailyepiscopalian observes that the letter has just recently appeared on the House of Bishops and Delegates list and reprints it here.

titusonenine has picked up the dailyepiscopalian posting and it is drawing comment at titusonenine.

I'm inclined towards divorce and realignment the Episcopal Church with the likes of the Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay.

UPDATE: Preludium offers further analysis of the letter and notes that Ruth Gledhill has also posted the letter - I expect her posting will draw some comments those in the pew in the UK. See also the comments at Stand Firm.

UPDATE 2. Episcopal Majority -- not sure if its moral or not -- also posts the letter and introduces it this way:
The challenges set by the Windsor Report are not new. Nor do they seem susceptible to any permanent resolution. Paul Marshall notes “the curious vocation of the churches in Canada and the United States to forge paths for the evolution of the Anglican heritage.” From North America have come the beginnings of Anglicanism’s synodical structure with its strong lay voice; the missionary focus of episcopacy; the first efforts for formal establishment of full communion among Anglicans; and the first experience of church as separate from state. Such precedents cast a different light on the current Anglican crisis than does the Windsor Report. Losing sight of these contributions, as Marshall suggests the Report does, can cost the Communion dearly in times that creativity is needed--times such as these.

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