Thursday, January 04, 2007

Raise the minimum wage?

EPPN, The Episcopal Public Policy Network is calling for an increase in the minimum wage. For the poor's sake, don't listen to them.

To paraphrase Greg Mankiw: Here is a question that I would ask any Christian: If you could set your ideal policy to help the poor, wouldn't you prefer to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and abolish the minimum wage? Any Christian that fails to answer "yes" is either misinformed or engaging in demagoguery.

Here's why.

In my other persona I often blog on the minimum wage.

At any rate, the EPPN could find a lot better use of its time and energy than the minimum wage.

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Scott of Hybla said...

I'm not sure it has to be either EITC or minimum wage. I'm not quite following Professor Mankiw's argument. Maybe I'm misinformed or demagogic. Or both.

Non Sequitur, January 6, 2007: