Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anglican Communion's Panel of Reference

Extract from The Episcopal News Service article:
The Anglican Communion's Panel of Reference has recommended that the Archbishop of Canterbury discuss with the Presiding Bishop the possibility of clarifying what it called the ambiguous wording of a 1997 amendment to the Episcopal Church's ordination canon "so as to ensure that the permissive nature of the ordination of women is maintained in any diocese."

"At the same time the apparent intention of the amendment to defend the interests of women candidates for postulancy, candidacy and ordination in a diocese that does not ordain women would be underscored," the panel's recommendation said.
Go to the article for links to the panel's report, and the response of The Diocese of Fort Worth. I commend ENS for the link richness of the article.

Bishop Iker's post-report interview with The Living Church is here. (Via titusonenine. Comments on the report at titusonenine can be found here.)

If the Episcopal Church can produce so many distinctively different dioceses and parishes it's not surprising that the Anglican Church can as well. And that parishes and dioceses think they find greater affinity with Anglicans in other parts of the world than they do within the Episcopal Church. I do wonder how much affinity traditionalists like Iker have with more evangelical elements in the church (or leaving the church). Are they strange bedfellows?

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