Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Diocese of Virginia press release on the inhibited, and abandonment

The press release gives more background on the inhibition of the 21 churches that have left the diocese.

On court filings it has this to say:
As further evidence of their decision to abandon The Episcopal Church and the Diocese, the majority membership of the 15 churches have filed civil actions styled as “reports” with the respective circuit courts in an effort to transfer ownership of the affected properties. The Diocese has filed responses denying any transfer of property, citing both Virginia law and the Canons of The Episcopal Church and The Diocese of Virginia. The majority membership of the 15 churches voluntarily chose to sever their ties with the Diocese and, in doing so, they abandoned the property for the purposes for which it was set aside, namely the mission of The Episcopal Church and The Diocese of Virginia.

As Bishop Lee said in his January 18 letter to the Diocese: “In the structure of the Episcopal Church, individuals may come and go but parishes continue,” for generations and generations.
Connect the dots. Who is rushing to the courthouse?

Regarding inhibition, Andrew Plus wonders what the fuss is about. (Link via daily episcopalian.) He also writes:
Archbishop Akinola himself urged the CANA clergy and their congregations to stand up for what is right, do the sacrificial thing, trust God and leave the property behind. But then again, the leaders of CANA, just like the Connecticut Six and other secessionists want it both ways.
If you pick up your ball and go home does that make you a martyr? A low budget one, I guess.

UPDATE 1/26: BabyBlue questions the timing and gives some inside info. Not sure who should be wearing the tin foil hat though.

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