Monday, January 15, 2007

Shannon S. Johnston

I am a member of the Diocesan Theology Committee, working to
bring some objective and substantive articulation that can be shared in the debates
surrounding homosexuality. ... As a vocal Centrist, when I work with situations of divisiveness between the respective sides, I challenge both Left and Right in
their entrenchments, warning against the idol of exclusive certainty in such matters. I assert that each side has a witness for the growth and deepening of the other.
. . .
Regarding the Windsor Report, I emphasized that this document primarily concerns ecclesiology (rather than simply controversies over homosexuality) in order for parishioners to be able to discuss and understand the Report in its fullest context and application.
. . .
We emphasized the uniqueness of The Episcopal Church’s worship and witness in our area (this uniqueness being what attracted most of our communicants in the first place). We explicitly understood that our common experiences and ministries as a congregation are the direct result of the particular ethos that The Episcopal
Church produces–and that this means maintaining a strong sense of connection to the Diocese and the broader Church.I pointed out that it is our Episcopal identity and heritage that allows All Saints’ to be perhaps the only congregation in our area that could invite and embrace the kind of diverse membership that we have and do the kinds of ministries that we do. This united us in an extraordinary way (itself a theological imperative and compelling biblical witness)....

See also what he writes on AIDs ministry.

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