Saturday, December 23, 2006

Virginia Schism - more links

Via titusonenine:
And some of my own:
  • Pat Buchanan - "Traditionalists have had it with the hierarchy, and the in-your-face elevation of a green and trendy liberal prelate to lead them broke it. Not only have the nine parishes severed ties, with more considering secession, seven of 111 Episcopal dioceses have rejected Schori's authority."
  • WSJ op-ed - "Let's start with those nice Episcopalians."
  • Bible Belt Blogger - "So why is Virginia the Episcopal Fort Sumter? Simple. Under Virginia code, when a church splits, the majority keeps the property. The law, on the book for decades, is a powerful trump card for conservatives and may explain why the battle has been joined in the southern suburbs of Washington, D.C."
BBB is a journalist, with a law degree and a Harvard bachelor's degree. Is he right? That's TBD. From reading his blog it appears to be more wishful thinking on his part.

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