Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh, Christmas Tree

The Port [airport] allowed "holiday" decorations to remain but decided to take down all the Christmas trees after a Jewish religious leader complained they were offensive.

"It's a Christmas tree! It's not like they were displaying crucifixes or menorahs or anything religious, but Christmas trees that have been around here for years," said an employee who asked not to be identified.

The Port of Seattle says it had little choice. It says a Seattle rabbi with the Central Organization for Jewish Learning hired an attorney and threatened to sue if the airport did not erect an eight-foot menorah to balance the message of the Christmas trees.
Here's what Farkers are saying.

I figure Seattle Ports saw itself on the proverbial slippery slope where all faiths would have to be accomodated.

Ding dong merrily Dubai

AS Britain’s manic PC brigade try to take the fun out of Christmas . . . MUSLIM Dubai shows how to celebrate properly.

Shoppers at the posh Wafi mall in the Arab state are greeted by a massive Christmas tree, covered with dazzling lights and decorations.

And despite being non-Christians locals delight in the “Winter” wonderland...
The picture says it all.

Here's what commenters at Secret Dubai are saying.

My comment? Two words. Dubai, Inc. It's all about making a profit.

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