Friday, December 01, 2006

Have a relativist Christmas :: Charleston Daily Mail

Melinda Ashby of Sissonville visited the display last weekend with her husband, Albert, and their children, Jordan 15, Destiny, 11, and Taylor, 6.

Ashby, 35, called the scene one of the dumbest she's ever seen in her life.

"I asked ‘where is the baby Jesus?' I was told that it is a desert scene and to use my imagination," she said. "I would be less offended if the manger scene had not been there at all. Jesus is the reason for the season."

She added that festival officials told her there was no baby Jesus due to separation of church and state.

Officials have never had a nativity scene in order to avoid complaints from the American Civil Liberties Union, Cunningham [superintendent of St. Albans City Park] said. He said the purpose of the festival is to allow people to enjoy the lights and not to stir controversy.
Next up, St. Albans will change its name.

Actually, using your imagination is a very good suggestion.

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