Friday, December 15, 2006

George Washington, church hopper?

Was George Washington a boomer-like church hopper?

Mark Johnson asks:
Just out of curiosity — how many Episcopal churches in Northern Virginia did George Washington serve as a vestry member? I can think of three that boast that claim — was he constantly church hopping? Or, my guess is, he belonged to one church as a vestry member and that church sponsored the formation of the others? Anyone know?
Russ Randle explains:
Regarding Mark Johnson’s question (#11) concerning George Washington’s vestry service, I believe he was elected but did not serve on the vestry of Fairfax parish, which is where the claims from my parish (Christ Church, Alexandria), the Falls Church, and Truro all come from. At that time, the actual church buildings at Christ Church and the Falls Church (constructed on the same plan) were chapels of ease in the same parish. The Fairfax parish boundaries reportedly changed after his election and before his service. I think he then served on the Pohick vestry.

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