Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bishops weigh in on Virginia schism

The Rt. Rev. Charles G. vonRosenberg, bishop, East Tennessee:
I do offer a word of caution to those who wish to avoid the challenges current in our country, by aligning with religious hierarchies in other countries: You may find issues there which are still more uncomfortable for you - for example, an imperial church, an undemocratic means of government with little regard for lay people and attitudes toward some members (especially women) that Americans may find offensive.
The Rt. Rev. Neff Powell, bishop, Southwestern Virginia:
What distresses me the most about the actions in the Diocese of Virginia is that the priests involved have twice taken public vows to be loyal to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church. They signed these vows when they were ordained deacons and again when they were ordained priests. Integrity would seem to demand that if they felt that the Episcopal Church was so completely wrong, they would simply renounce their vows, depart, and go with God.

I presume Powell's message is an email (it is addressed "Dear Colleagues"). My source is titusonenine, here. titusonenine was also my source for vonRosenberg.

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