Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Diocese of Georgia takes another path

Via titusonenine:
You have asked Bishop Louttit and the Diocese of Georgia for time and continued accommodation in making a proportionate financial contribution to the program and administrative costs of the Diocese as required of all parishes by the canons of this diocese. ...

After much thought, prayer and consultation with the leadership of the Diocese, your Bishop has concluded that the Diocese cannot allow this situation to continue for as long as you have asked. ...

However, the Diocese is willing to allow you until June 30, 2007 for you to choose your path so long as we agree on certain conditions in exchange for this continued accommodation. Those conditions are as follows. ...
. . .
Should you not accept this proposal, we will make arrangements for your peaceful and orderly withdrawal from the Episcopal Church. This would include, at a minimum

1. Renunciation of holy orders by all ordained clergy leaving the Episcopal Church;
2. Vacation of the church premises by all who cannot remain faithful to the Episcopal Church;
3. Relinquishing to the Diocese all bank accounts, financial records and books and all other property of the church including all signs and symbols of the church.

The Diocese of Georgia will then carry on the ministry and mission of the Episcopal Church with those parishioners at Christ Church wishing to remain faithful to the Episcopal Church.

Please let me have your response by December 8, 2006.


James L. Elliott
Chancellor, Diocese of Georgia

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