Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bob Dannals drops out :: Living Church

In a letter to Karen Patterson, the president of the diocesan standing committee, Fr. Dannals said he and his wife, Valerie, decided not to continue the process in Southwest Florida after the Dec. 1 walkabout.

“Valerie and I came to Venice this past week confident that we would affirm your invitation to be in the election and we went away equally confident that we should not remain in the process,” the letter said.

Fr. Dannals continues to be a finalist in the search for a coadjutor in the Diocese of Virginia, which will hold its election Jan. 26 in Richmond.
UPDATE: OldSmee's memory is tweaked and he remembers this:
After making the hurdles all the way just prior to public announcement, one of the finalists in the Diocese of Tennessee episcopal showdown slated for March 2006, suddenly withdrew his candidacy. In the interest of the electorate and of the Diocese as a whole, COVENANT asked Why.
The balance of the article in Covenant was the candidate's response.

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