Friday, May 13, 2005

United Episcopal convention set - Huntsville Times

The Episcopal Church has been splitting up for some time. I suspect UECNA uses the 1928 BCP and the 1942 Hymnal.

The UECNA is a traditional Orthodox Church established in the late 1970s and dedicated to continue the original tradition of the church. The liturgy continues the Doctrine of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the USA.

Some 75 clergy and laypersons from throughout the eastern part of the United States are expected to attend the eighth triennial synod meeting. Wednesday, Presiding Bishop Stephen C. Reber will ordain five postulants into the Holy Orders as Deacons of the Church.
From The Huntsville Times I also learn in an ad that SPAM now comes in a single-serving pouch. (Mmmm, fried spam on toast with mustard.) These have not reached my neighborhood yet (which is: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates).

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