Friday, May 27, 2005

Revenge of the Sith :: Movieguide

Strong, contradictory New Age pagan worldview with mixed elements, such as a monistic explanation for the afterlife and the supernatural world, and strong moral elements that include a strong warning about resting too much political power in one man as well as a warning about trying to gain god-like powers and that also include redemptive attempts to save and redeem someone from evil, as well as light occult reference to a human being returning from the “netherworld of the force” (this occult element is even stronger in the novelization of the movie), and some politically correct implications such as a possible (but subtle) allusion of criticism aimed at President Bush’s War on Terror, the Iraq War and Republican control of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, plus a PC line of dialogue contradicts the movie’s moral elements (“Only a Sith deals in absolutes”) and indicates that only evil people believe in absolutes and that truth is never black and white (this is more clearly stated in the novelization and seems to be an attack on conservatives and religious people who believe that there are at least some absolute truths and absolute moral laws).

One conservative religious man's attempt to summarize the religious content of the movie in one heck-of-a-long sentence.

He's right. Someone out there right now is thinking "not necessarily." Because it is inherently contradictory for a non-Sith to utter a simple declarative sentence like "only a Sith deals in absolutes." But of course, "generally speaking, only Siths tend to deal in absolutes" doesn't make for good movie dialog.

I guess Lucas's point is that they're only absolutes if they're something you believe is wrong.

I wonder what readers of holy books think of the movie, and whether they even notice the sentence might apply to them.

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