Saturday, May 14, 2005

Protestant identity crisis: the case of Hollywood Presbyterian - SignOnSanDiego

The service, called Contemporary Urban Experience, has bolstered membership at one of the most storied Presbyterian congregations in the country. But it has also created a deep rift between old and new members that threatens to tear the conservative church apart.

Responding to several complaints about Meenan, regional church officials, in a rare step, took control of operations at Hollywood First last week and put Meenan and his executive pastor on paid administrative leave to restore the peace.

The turmoil within the 2,700-member congregation reflects what experts call the "worship war," an identity crisis that has beset many mainline Protestant denominations as they struggle to survive in a culture that puts less importance on the traditions of organized religion.
Interesting, although there's a hint later in the article that there may be more to the story than just a conflict over the direction Meenan has been taking the church.

Thanks to The Eclectic Econoclast for emailing the link.

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