Thursday, May 05, 2005

Spirit of Embry Rucker - St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

In the beginning there was me, my family, a few other families, and the Vicar Embry Rucker and his family. And this idea that we could found this church called St. Aidan's. Whoever he was.

Embry had been a successful businessman and came to the priesthood at the peak of his career. His sermons were not spiritual or feel good, they were social gospel and anti-war. Which was kind of interesting because three out of four husbands in the neighborhood held the rank of Lt. Col., although there was one Major Minor as I recall.

Anyway, St. Aidan's fit my family to a T. It was out of this environment that this Radical Son was born.

My brother, Scott of Hybla and his family have continued as members. St. Aidan's has continued to be unique but moved more towards the spiritual side and less on overtly liberal. But suffice it to say, it's not in competition with nearby Episcopal churches for the same kind of members. There is assortative matching after all.

Scott of Hybla tells me The Rev. John Baker last week took as his text They've hijacked my religion. In a departure from decorum the congregation applauded at the conclusion. Sometimes collective affirmation (applause) in church is appropriate.

The Ruckers later moved on to Reston.

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