Friday, April 29, 2005

Protestant? - All words on Church of England

All words on Church of England: "The second schism, from which the present Church of England originates, came later. Upon Mary's death in 1558, her sister Elizabeth came to power. Elizabeth became a determined opponent of papal rule, but despite reintroducing separatist ideas, Elizabeth was not excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church until February 25, 1570, by Pope Pius V, after Charles V withdrew his protection. The Church of England officially broke with Rome again in 1559, when Parliament recognised Elizabeth as being supreme governor, with a new Act of Supremacy that also repealed the remaining anti-Protestant legislation. In the same year a new Book of Common Prayer was issued. Elizabeth presided over the 'Elizabethan Settlement', an attempt to satisfy the Puritan and Catholic forces in England within a single national Church. "

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