Monday, April 11, 2005

My Shabbat Dinner - The IgNoble Experiment

But when you get involved, you start understanding the beauty of the rituals, the small things. The host was an Orthodox Jew, and his phone was turned off. At my own home, we cannot get a minute of peace because of the endless telemarketing phone calls or "Sorry, wrong numbers", or friends and family calling just as we're about to eat. During the dinner, I was struck by the wonderful silence. We were undisturbed. And the beautiful candlelight behind us. And the mutual good will of friends gathered together.

And the gratitude for the food on the table, the ability to appreciate what we have. Isn't that the value which I always say is missing from the contemporary society?

Is the religion necessary to get all of the above? Probably not. But can religion be fun? Yes.
This person links to me at Emirates Economist. I don't why. But I do like this posting (snippet above). It's beautiful.

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