Friday, April 29, 2005

Headline: Presiding Episcopal Bishop Defends Controversy in Church - AP

Episcopalians are struggling with how to resolve the issues, in large measure because "everyone is thoroughly defended (in their own position), instead of dealing with one another from the heart," Griswold said.

"By approaching one another with battlements in place, there's very little opportunity to meet the Christ in one another," he said.

I suppose the meaning of the headline is that Griswold was saying we shouldn't shy away from controversy and bury differences between us. He seems to be saying if are open about our differences and open to listening to each other we will come to a healthy resolution of the issues that divide us.

A clean break, though, could be what that healthy resolution is. When partners become thoroughly defended in their own positions isn't that the time divorce becomes the right alternative?

Griswold "is in Salt Lake City for a convention of Episcopal communication directors."

Ironic. I suppose it's relevant that we focus upon communication. And community. And communion.

But if what if the last word is of this kind and tone?:

"There's no way to compromise in terms of the truth of the Gospel or the reliability of Scripture or the necessity of salvation in Jesus Christ."
--Bishop Robert W. Duncan Jr. of Pittsburgh

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