Monday, April 11, 2005

Cardinal Law, forgiven for abuse of power and still powerful - NYT

Churches should be able to rely on the word of a cardinal or bishop. They should not have to worry whether the priest that is being recommended by his or her bishop has a hidden record as a pedophile or a womanizer or a crook. They should not have to worry that they are being sold a problem priest.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for Bishops to report only the good side of priest and not his or her shortcomings. And the motive is: It's the coward's way out to solve HR problems by finding the problem employee a new job outside the organization.

It is a sin not to forgive Cardinal Law.

It is a sin to retain him in a place of honor and power.

The message to other bishops is, for you:
  • There are no consequences for solving HR problems by making them someone else's problem.
  • There are no consequences for doing little to help problem priests reform.
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