Friday, April 22, 2005

Elizabeth's "via media"

An explanation of why we Episcopalians are not Protestants, and certainly not Calvinists.

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Mark said...

While it's certainly true we are not Calvinists, I wonder if it's really accurate to say we're not Protestants. It seems that the only people who think so are some Episcopalians; the Roman church thinks we are, as do the other Protestants.

Not all Protestants left the "Mother Church" for the same reasons. And whether you look at Henry VIII as "defender of the faith" or as a rebel against papal authority, the result is the same, we left the sphere of Rome.

Perhaps more importantly, we probably would have left anyway, even if Henry wasn't ready to initiate the separation: Christianity in England predated the arrival of Augustine. And there was widespread discontent with the Catholic clergy before Henry even ascended to the throne.