Friday, July 29, 2005

Warrant issued for ex-comptroller :: 2theadvocate

An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for the arrest of the former comptroller of St. James Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge for felony theft by embezzlement. Stephen Clarke Van Sickle, 57, 16959 Ticonderoga Ave., is accused of embezzling more than $700,000 in church funds over six years, the warrant says. The first theft occurred on or about May 28, 1999, and the most recent was on or about July 29, 2004. The primary method involved duplicate payments of payroll taxes, the warrant says. A misappropriation of $2,900 was first discovered in March of this year, according to the warrant. Van Sickle admitted to that theft and resigned his post as comptroller. He later repaid that money.

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