Friday, July 15, 2005

St. John's, Bristol members ponder church's future :: Hartford Courant

[Bishop] Smith put the Rev. Susan J. McCone in charge of St. John’s. She will lead worship services at the church Sunday, and Smith also called a special meeting to discuss the takeover with church members on Sunday evening.

[Senior Warden] Gonneville said he and McCone had a brief but tense introduction when he stood by watching diocese officials search for financial records on the computer in the church office Wednesday.

“I find it hard to believe that many people will be there this Sunday,” he said, adding that McCone could have a difficult time ahead. “She’s between a rock and the hard place. As a person, I could feel sorry for her, but under the circumstances, I don’t.”
Emphasis added. Very Biblical. If you are in Bristol on Sunday, think about attending church. The Episcopal Church welcomes you. (Link via titusonenine.)

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