Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gender issues and the African Anglican Church

QUOTE\ "How many women have died at the hands of men. If a man can't provide for his family as a breadwinner he ends up committing suicide and kills his wife and children in the process," [Grace Sethosa, of the diocese of George] said.

Nelisiwe Bam, of the diocese of Natal, said the Gender Desk was necessary as it would bring awareness to young parents to treat their sons and daughters equally. "Who says that if a couple are courting the man must be older than the woman? It is the man, because he wants to play the father figure to the woman. Why is it correct for a woman in mourning to wear black and to go stay in Swaziland for three years, but a man who loses his wife can get married a week after burying her," said Bam. "In some dioceses women are not ordained because it is said that women are more sinful than men," she added.

In his Archbishop's Charge to the synod, Ndungane said it was important that the church helped empower women. "We must repent of the historic patriarchy of our faith which so often colludes with discriminatory attitudes in our cultures. We must expose and oppose gender violence and all forms of inequality in our midst." /UNQUOTE

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