Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Australian Catholics softer on gays :: The Australian

See also the article in Catholic News. The full text of Mapping Homophobia in Australia is available here.

Is it just me, or is homophobe too strong a term, too loaded a term, for a person who considers homosexuality to be immoral? I may disagree with those who find a New Testament basis for calling homosexual acts immoral, but they're not necessarily homophobes.

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Jon said...

I think that homophobe may fit.

It is not holding a personal religious opinion that being gay is a sin; It is the later acting out on that religious position and demanding that homosexuals be removed from teaching, or refused other jobs. That gays be refused access to housing, be removed from churches etc.

There is where the phobic action comes into play. This is in part because why is thier sin worse that anyone elses (Adultry, Glutony, ona dn on and on). Why are all other 'unrighous' allowed access (inclusion, whatever), but homosexuals are excluded, persicuted, denounced etc?

That may be a staarting place why those who demand exclusion of homosexuals based on their own view of faith are called a homophobe, because they select one particulat group for religious based decrimination, while ignoring or excusing the sins of others.