Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Conservative Anglicans envision Western Hemisphere alliance

Check out the link and the comments if you are interested in such things.

The U.S. contingent of the biblically orthodox has more acronyms than FDR did during the New Deal as this commenter observes.

What's the next step? Once this alliance is up and running will dioceses and parishes so inclined pull up stakes (figuratively only since geographically they're not going anywhere), leave ECUSA and join this new entity? To use of phrase of the moment, is there a tipping point where there is a mass exodus from ECUSA by the orthodox? Is there a point at which Canterbury recognizes the new entity in place of or alongside of ECUSA?

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Patrick Kimball said...

Exactly. In this day of instantaneous
and unfettered communication, change
can happen quickly. This old professor of business management can
tell you that nothing is easier to
change than an organization chart.