Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oprah-size Me

The Communion Laity and Clergy has issued a statement on the presentment of Don Armstrong (co-founder of the CLC) by the Diocese of Colorado Standing Committee. The CLC statement is covered here by The Rocky Mountain News:
Last week, a 12-member diocesan committee that includes two CLC members voted unanimously to support a "presentment" against Armstrong, the church equivalent of a civil indictment of wrongdoing. "They have witnessed the canonical process and support the presentment," said the CLC statement, referring to the two CLC committee participants. They are the Rev. David Henderson, rector at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Steamboat Springs, and the Rev. John Wengrovius, rector at Calvary Episcopal Church in Golden.
The article quotes Ephraim Radner (a CLC member) who then comments here and here. In between, Don Armstrong himself chimes in here.

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