Monday, April 23, 2007

Advice from a seminary president concerning Virginia Tech

The words of Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as reported in
"See, all you had to do was have six or eight rush him right at that time, and 32 people wouldn't have died," Patterson said.
"Now one more time, how many or you are male students at Southwestern Seminary? Get your hands up. Alright, God bless you, and I am counting on you. Do you understand me? I'm counting on you, and I know you will."
Patterson didn't mention guns in Wednesday's chapel comments, but he has said in the past that America's No. 1 problem is a "war against boys," including establishing laws to prevent men from hunting and owning guns, producing a generation of fathers disconnected from their sons. "Today there is a war against boys," Patterson said in 2003 at Sportsman's Safari sponsored by First Baptist Church of Lavaca, Ark. "You've got to make little girls out of your little boys."
On Wednesday, Patterson also said things might have been different at Virginia Tech if someone had reached out to Cho before he carried out his attack.

"[The] total testimony of everybody was that this young man who did this deed was troubled and very lonely," he said.
In The Sunday Times Sarah Baxter wrote, "the horrific slaughter revealed not only the poisons lurking in popular culture but the crisis of young males in a feminised society."

We knew Episcopalians and Southern Baptists were different. But who knew The Sunday Times and Southern Baptists could be on the same page?

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