Monday, April 16, 2007

An Easter sermon you may want to miss

Over the last year every aspect of my life and work has been put under a very expensive microscope.

I have been stripped bare and publicly humiliated.

Literally purged of every vestige of self respect and dignity I had worked a life time to achieve.
Six days later:
A defiant Rev. Donald Armstrong told his longtime parish Saturday he never stole money from the church.
During his presentation, he said the vestry never showed this level of concern about financial matters, and suggested former vestry members have turned against him because they’re scared the bishop will sue them for previously shirking their financial responsibilities.
If congregants loyal to the Episcopal Church win, Armstrong hinted a vestry member — whose Nebraska bank loaned the church nearly $2.5 million — might call the loan.
"I have done nothing wrong so I actually sleep well at night," Armstrong told more than 300 people gathered for a lively, sometimes contentious, three-hour meeting in the sanctuary of Grace and St. Stephen’s Church in Colorado Springs.
On Saturday, Armstrong shot back that if the signers were so in the dark about how the parish’s finances were handled, then they also have to admit they failed their fiduciary responsbility as vestry members. He also suggested they signed the statement because they were afraid of the bishop.

"That’s a wrong thing to say!" shouted Connie Fischer, a parishioner of more than eight years, from near the back of the church. "He’s so arrogant,’ she added, referring to Armstrong.

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