Saturday, April 21, 2007

Armstrong distracts from ACI's message?

Tom Roberts: "Elves- I recommend #54 from Armstrong+ be relocated to a top level post.
Unless you wish to have this thread diverge from its own top level."

The subject of the thread? "The Anglican Communion Institute: questions we avoid at our peril".

It all depends on what the meaning of "our" is. And who's asking the questions.

Among other things, Armstrong wrote:
The goal of the Diocese of Colorado has been and continues to be my own ruin as a human being, the destruction of my family, and the end of the ACI. Collateral damage is Grace Church–but what is that to an already dying institution. This is obvious on every level to anyone with half their brain tied behind their head.
The ACI had written:
It is simply the case that the recent actions of the House of Bishops bring to the surface differences between large sections of TEC and the AC that may well prove irreconcilable. They also reveal divisions within TEC that may well prove equally intractable.

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