Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Women bishops :: newdirections

A matter 'of both faith and salvation'

David Nicholl (p. 12) writes in opposition to women bishops in the CofE. He notes that proponents take the position that "the issue of ordaining women to the episcopate is one of real significance, and therefore demands serious theology, careful reflection and measured debate. . . [and it is] a matter 'of both faith and salvation.'" He concludes, "if this is so, [they must] . . . throw us out of Christ's Church as damnable heretics. . . ."

I have a feeling, however, that the proponents of women bishops are comfortable making this an issue 'of both faith and salvation' while at the same time not claiming to stand in for God as to who is damnable.

It is so obvious that God is an equal-opportunity caller of priests and bishops that naysayers to the proposition can be allowed as a tolerable irritant and a reminder of the importance of open mindedness.

God is not so small that God cannot reach you in a way that is different from the way God reaches me. It is we who make God out to be so small that the way in which God reaches me appears to preclude reaching you.

Is it possible that God even means to include in Christ's Church those who would exclude women from providing them the ministrations of a bishop?

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