Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's not easy being sacred :: Bella Vista Weekly

Deacon Bobby Hall said prayer group members felt they could no longer stay in St. Theodore's, if for no other reason than the money they gave as offering at St. Theodore's would eventually go to an organization supporting values they feel are morally wrong.

After making this decision, Hall and approximately 20 other St. Theodore's parishioners began meeting in homes, and eventually enlisted the help of Reverend Ron Pfluger, the pastor at Bella Vista Lutheran, who agreed to let the new congregation hold services on Saturdays in the Lutheran building.

Now, almost two years later, Hall and his group of parishioners have purchased an old home in Bentonville and are renovating it. They hope to hold services in their new building within six months.

The new Episcopal parish will operate under the auspices of the United Episcopal Church of North America, according to Hall, and use the 1928 prayer book. In doing so, the new congregation will retain autonomy, as opposed to deeding their property to the diocese, and will reject the doctrines of female ordination and the condoning of homosexuality.


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DBW said...

This is sad, but at the same time I can't fault these people. What saddens me is that these issues, and those who are pushing them, are just distracting the church from its real work.